HackEDU Launches one of Bay Area’s Largest Hackathon to Innovate on Education

Friday evening over 1500 students gathered to participate in one of Bay Area’s largest hackathon.   Held at the San Mateo Events Center, charter buses piled in one after another bringing in students from across the state like UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UCLA, and from other universities across the country.

Photo Credit: Jonathan Paek | Hackers stand in line for registration. There’s a 2nd parallel line not shown.

Alex Cory, Co-Founder & Director of HackingEDU was formed to ensure Education Tech (EdTech) continues with the current pace of innovation while providing a place for a new generation of innovators to receive mentorship, education, and practice building products that will benefit the education community.


Hackathon commences with keynote from Sam Altman, distinguished entrepreneur and YCombinator President and Alex Cory, HackingEDU Co-Founder / Director.

Photo Credit: Jonathan Paek | Opening Keynote by Sam Altman, YCombinator Presdient and Alex Cory, HackingEDU Co-Founder & Director.

“People are not as interested in education technology” says Altman and he attempts to change that together with Cory and other leaders in the community.   Altman encouraged hackers to be curious, learn, and constantly build.

“Try building many things and throw away the bad ideas early” says Altman.

Photo Credit: Jonathan Paek | Sam Altman opens informal QA session with audience

While many teams formed teams to work on an idea, there were plenty of other activities available.  Breakout sessions were available where by different speakers taught everything from basic html to building a full blown web-app using MEAN framework (Mongo, Express, Angular, Node) coupled with sponsor API’s like Twilio.

Plenty if sponsor companies were also available lining the permitter of the massive 105,000 square foot exhibit hall assisting hackers with API usage and potential recruitment for future hires.

Need to take a break?  Ping pong tables, couches, human hamster ball fights, and videos games were available to relieve some stress.   The free event also provided simple food / snacks throughout the entire day and 5 Food Trucks Sunday afternoon while hackers anxiously awaits the schedule for project judging.

Teams submitted over 170 projects.   Take a look at all the winning and submitted entries.

More Photos:

Rest Area for Students

Lounging Area

Photo Credit: Jonathan Paek | Hacking Commences

Photo Credit: Jonathan Paek | Quick stop for photos

Photo Credit: Jonathan Paek | Plenty of Learning Sessions

Photo Credit: Jonathan Paek | Quick power naps

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