AlphaGo defeats Lee Sedol in Final Match, Bringing Historic Competition to an End

Korean Professional Go Player Lee Sedol was defeated by AlphaGo in the final match bringing the 5 game competition to an end. Leading up to the final match, Sedol took his only win on Game 4 failing to beat AlphaGo in the closing match.

The 4th game was the first and only AlphaGo lost and will likely remain a historic moment for the Artificial Intelligence community.   Netizens claim Sedol’s mind was beautiful and “Godlike” in reference to stone placement at turn 78 flustering the artificial intelligence machine in subsequent moves.  Sedol claims it was the only move that was possible for him at the time and his fans were giving him too much credit.

With the final game lasting over 4 hours, both players played beautifully fighting to the end through overtime in a stone-to-stone battle to claim the most territory with their respective black and white stones. This was a nicely placed game that ended nearly without a resignation.

We’re you voting for man or machine?   In this beautiful moment, maybe some truth that we were cheering for both.  The outcome of this 4-1 AlphaGo win feels pretty nice.   The first win for human of this particular kind.

“We will not go quietly into the night” — Dylan Thomas

With the 1 win Lee Sedol achieved in game 4, the Chinese/Korean board-game Go still remains the only board-game where a computer program cannot outwit a human player.

About Go:

The Go game is a traditional Chinese/Korean turn-based board game where each player takes turn placing their respective colored stone on a 19×19 grid coordinates. The objective of the game is to claim series of territories by surrounding the opponents set of stones.

Watch Game 5 (Final Match):

Deep Neural Networks and Machine Learning

Due to the large search space needed to calculate all possible moves from a 19×19 grid playing with a time-constraint, AlphaGo must reduce the playing search-space while optimizing for a win.

“No matter who wins, Artificial Intelligence or Human Player, the result is the same. Human still wins” — Andreas S.

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