NIH Research shows exercise promotes brain healthy proteins — #healthtech #health #digitalhealth #wearables

NIH (National Institute of Health) research shows that exercise promotes brain healthy proteins connecting a strong link between a strong, healthy body and mind.   Appears existing wearables and other health tech like Fitbit does more than exercise the body, but can also promote users towards progress to improving the health of the mind and brain.


[Research shows] skeletal muscle cells secrete proteins and other factors into the blood during exercise that have a regenerative effect on the brain.

The secreted protein is cathepsin B and evidence of it increasing in the bloodstream while exercising.  In mice, cells treated with the protein has shown to increase the number of neurons in the brain.  Mice were also unable to show an increase boost of memory that were unable to produce the cathepsin B protein.

The findings were published recently in Cell Metabolism by NIH’s National Institute on Aging led by researchers Hyo Youl Moon and Henriette van Praag.

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