New transistor design could power devices for years without a battery — #followiot #iot #battery

A low power transistor has been developed by Engineers from University of Cambridge that can allow devices to run a long time without a battery.

The technology has huge impact for sensors, wearables, and other internet of things devices which may desire long running capabilities without running out of power or use of alternative energy sources from nearby environments.

How it works:

Much like a battery losing its charged even when not in use energy still leaks when transistors are turned off.   The new transistor much siphons and scavenges energy in the nearby environment allowing months or years of life to a device without a battery.

Department of Engineering Dr Sungsik Lee says energy source from a double AA battery would provide life to a device for a billion years.

Results are available in Sungsik Report:  Subthreshold Schottky-barrier thin-film transistors with ultralow power and high intrinsic gain

The new transistors are also versatile enough to be printed on glass, paper, and plastic.



New Tech Could Let Devices Function for Years Without a Battery

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