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Imagine traveling from any country to another any other country in about 30 minutes.

This may one day be a reality.  Elon Musk reveals today to pave way for a new transportation system via rockets at the International Astronautical Congress (IAC) in Adelaide, Australia.

Watch the 2-minute pitch

The rocket (BFR or Big F*’ing Rocket) will be bigger than a passenger A380 plane and hold about 100 passengers.  With more recent successful rocket landings this will work towards reducing costs and improving technology to create a sustainable, new form of passenger travel anywhere in the world.

Musk says he has an idea how to pay for it all and expect it to be in same range of today’s economy passenger tickets via traditional airlines.  Other challenges still lay ahead which would of course include safety and history of reliability which will be on the minds of every consumer.

This is all part of Musk vision of also seeing humans traveling to Mars and other planets seeing humans as a multi-planetary species.

“I can’t think of anything more exciting than being out there among the stars,” says Musk and also feels we are overdue in have a lunar base on the moon.   “It’s 2017 … What the hell is going on?”

At Adelaide Musk talks what SpaceX has been working on which includes refining plans and materials for building such a spaceship to make a perfect landing on the moon.

Watch Making Life Multiplanetary (1 hr) conference at Adelaide

A key point was on safety a plans to launch 2 cargo mission by 2022 followed by 2 trip with earth muggles to follow.

“We want the landing risk to be as close to zero as possible” he said and expecting a launch in about 5 years which he remarks “… seems like a very long time.


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