South Korea Underwater #IoT Network

South Korea leading mobile carrier SK Telecom will lead the way for an underwater IoT network.   Research was conducted with SK Telecom and Hoseo University researchers in the Pacific Ocean waters to carry a text message underwater.   Using a hydrophone (microphone for underwater) located 25 meters below a text message was successfully received underwater “I am hungry”.

The team is led by Ko Hak-Lim, Professor of Oceanic Marine IT Convergence Technology at Hoseo University and together with SK Telcom is the 3rd year working on the underground IoT network and commissioned by Korea Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries.

The underground IoT network will pave the way to creating a communication network backbone in the ocean.  So far the team has been successful sending short text messages, low resolution images, and capturing realtime data from underwater connected sensors.

We plan to install a number of underwater stations with a diameter of 1 kilometer in multiple areas that are in need of communications for economic and security purposes … The underwater LTE network can be widely applied to issuing early warnings for oceanic disasters such as tsunamis, protecting fisheries, monitoring the submarine environment and detecting glitches in deep-water oil drilling, and so forth”, says Professor Ko



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